Scared, Abandoned Pittie Wouldn’t Leave The Cardboard Box He Was Found In

Usually, it’s an adorable photo op when our dogs climb into packaging. This story of an abandoned Pit Bull and the cardboard plum box he slept in has a bit of a sadder explanation.

Officers for DeKalb County Animal Services found the scrawny dog lying in an empty plum box outside the shelter one morning. The poor thing was too scared to come out of his makeshift bed, so the folks at LifeLine Animal Project let him hold onto his box.

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Luring Plum Out Of His Box

Despite encouragement from his new friends at LifeLine Animal Project, poor frightened Plum (as they naturally named him) wouldn’t leave his box. A rep from the organization told The Dodo:

“He was just so sad, and we just wanted to hug him and make him feel better and let him know he was safe.”

Plum would accept some pets while in the box, but the anxious dog had no interest in getting out. So, the staff gave him the time he needed to feel safe and tried to set him up for success with patience and kindness.

“We set up a nice crate with a fluffy bed and some treats, and left the door open hoping he would go in it on his own.”

It took a few weeks, but eventually, Plum connected with a few of the employees and started to walk around and explore the area. After a while, he didn’t even need his box anymore.

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Karen, from LifeLine Animal Project, described how it felt to see Plum come out of his box/shell:

“It was just one of those moments where your heart just goes, ‘Aww, he’s gonna be okay.’”

After this breakthrough, it would only take a month for Plum to capture an adopter’s heart and vice versa.

Sending A Rehabilitated Plum Off To His New Home

Since officers first found Plum in his little box, the Pittie has gained at least 20 pounds. His new family adores him, and he even has another doggie sibling and a cat to play with. Plum also has his pick of stuffed animals, which his new parent says he carries around like his own babies.


As Plum’s adopter shared with The Dodo:

“He’s the sweetest dog we’ve ever had.”

Plum’s sleeping range has expanded far beyond the box he used to cling to. According to his adopter, he sleeps heavily and snores like a champ, wherever he chooses to lie down.

“He can fall asleep in the most uncomfortable positions… he’s really a connoisseur of sleep.”


A huge part of rescuing animals is patience. As you can see from Plum’s story, dogs are worth it! If it hadn’t been for the patience of Plum’s rescuers who waited for him to show his true, adoptable/adorable self, he wouldn’t have this wonderful life.


H/T: Dog Dispatch
Featured Image: DeKalb County Animal Services/Facebook