Sick Baby Elephant Was Rejected By The Herd, Becomes New Best Friend With A Dog

The Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, for example, is home to threatened species like rhinos, zebras, and elephants. Ellie was one of these adorable animal babies who had gone astray from his or her family too soon.


Image/Story Source Credit: Earth Touch/YouTube



Ellie was born ill, with a slew of problems that severely limited his chances of survival. Employees at a sanctuary nursed him for days and nights until his health improved!


However, because elephants are very social beings who cannot typically thrive outside of their herd, even when Ellie regained his health he was still a depressed and lethargic baby with no will to live. Seeing the elephant’s condition, workers tried to help him find solace with former service and sniffer dog Duma, who is a German Shepherd.



Image/Story Source Credit: Earth Touch/YouTube




We find out how Duma helped Ellie, a K9 with a good old Southern country swagger who had trouble surviving against all odds in this moving film. Ellie grew to desire life under Duma’s loving and gentle care. Ellie still has a long, difficult road ahead of him, but he won’t be lonely on it now that Duma is there for him!



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