Silly Frenchie Crowned Winner In “Wackiest Pet Name” Contest

Silly dog names can easily brighten someone’s day, so Nationwide Pet Insurance decided to use that to their advantage. The insurance company hosted a “wackiest pet name” contest for pets that are insured with the company. Over a million pets entered, but only one dog and one cat were crowned the winners.

The dog who won has a name so silly that it’s hard to say it with a straight face. He’s an adorable French Bulldog from Tennessee who’s proud of his funny name! His humans put a lot of consideration into what to call him before settling on it.

French Bulldog crazy eyes

Introducing the Wackiest Dog Name!

The winner of the Wackiest Dog Name contest is a one-year-old Frenchie named Dr. Potato Head. He lives in Nashville with his dad, Dr. Dalton Hamilton, who is a real doctor. It took a while for Dr. Hamilton to choose the perfect name for his puppy, but Dr. Potato Head seemed to stick better than anything else.

Wackiest dog name

“I knew I wanted it to be funny,” Dr. Hamilton said. “My girlfriend suggested Mr. Potato Head, and I said ‘Doctor’ because he has credentials, you know? And then we just went down the rabbit hole of all of the possible names we could call him from that.”

Dr. Potato Head was up against 1.1 million other dogs, and Nationwide Pet Insurance decided that he was the insured dog with the wackiest name. Some of the competing dogs were named Holly Picklebond Bonk, Macho Dog Randy Savage, Motley Chew, Shoogieboogie, and Princess Dumptruck.

French Bulldog posing

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As the winner, Dr. Potato Head will receive a one-year pet toy and treat subscription, a custom portrait, and a $100 gift card that’s redeemable at several stores.

What’s the Wackiest Cat Name?

Don’t worry, silly cat names weren’t forgotten during this contest. Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer won the award for the wackiest cat name, which earns the same rewards as the wackiest dog name. Kelli Hoover is “the Muffin Slayer’s” mom, and she said his name started as Pickles, but it didn’t seem like enough. So, she added on the other parts as she got to know him better.

Wackiest cat name

Hoover said the key to picking the perfect pet name is to let it come naturally. She said the perfect name will sound right and not feel forced. However, unusual names seem to be fairly common for felines. Some other cats in the running were Crunchcat Supreme, Foo Foo Cuddly Poops, Tayroar Swift, Ruth Bader Kitsburg, and Linda from Human Resources.

Now, Dr. Potato Head and Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer are both famous for the goofy names their humans gave them. Somehow, these humorous names suit them well, but it’s amusing to imagine their humans calling for them.

French Bulldog on a walk

Featured Image: Instagram