Soldier Needs Help Bringing The Stray He Rescued Overseas Home To The U.S.

Serving in the military overseas can often be very difficult for a service member. As we all know, the love of a dog is a valuable lifeline for anyone going through a challenging time. It was fortunate, then, for Staff Sergeant Corey when his fellow soldiers happened across a stray puppy while abroad.

The patrolling troops discovered the pup in a storm drain, lured by the trapped animal’s pitiful whimpers. They brought the pooch back to Staff Sgt. Corey and the pair quickly formed a close bond. Corey named the pup “Goose.”

Credit: Robert Misseri/Guardians of Rescue

A Soldier Refuses To Leave His New Family Member Behind

In a statement, Staff Sgt. Corey indicated his surprise at finding a new best friend while serving.

“I never thought I would try to rescue a life 5,000 miles away from home, but I am glad I did,” Staff Sgt. Corey said.

Now, Corey can’t imagine leaving his rescue dog behind when he finishes his deployment. All he wants is to bring Goose home to his wife and son back in Kentucky.

“I know my family is excited to meet him and their happiness and peace is my priority. I know Goose will make them smile while I am away and be such a source of joy when I return home.”

Credit: Robert Misseri/Guardians of Rescue

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it sounds to transport a dog from across the world into the U.S. For one thing, the entire process costs thousands of dollars. Military regulations also prohibit dogs from official transportation, and commercial airlines have their own restrictions. There are different health requirements depending on the country the animal comes from as well.

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Guardians Of Rescue, an animal rights and welfare organization, is facilitating a fundraiser for Staff Sgt. Corey and Goose. GOR’s “No Buddy Left Behind” program helps handle the complex logistics for U.S. service men and women who fall in love with animals abroad.

“We need the support of compassionate members of the public to help us make this happen financially so we can ensure Goose does not get left behind, and we can reunite him with Staff Sergeant Corey in Kentucky,” Robert Misseri, founder of Guardians of Rescue, said in a statement.

With Guardians of Rescue helping with the hard part, Staff Sgt. Corey is optimistic that Goose will make his way home to Kentucky soon.

“I am so grateful for Guardians of Rescue and everyone who is willing to help get Goose home,” Corey added.

Supporters Rush To Goose And Corey’s Aid

So far, Guardians of Rescue’s “Help Get Goose To Safety” fundraiser has over 1,250 supporters backing it. Everyone, whether they’ve served in the armed forces or not, understands the bond between a dog and their person.

Some donors remained anonymous, but others took the opportunity to thank Staff Sgt. Corey both for his service and for caring about homeless animals so much.

“With hope that Goose and others like him find loving homes, and bring comfort to soldiers away from their families.” – Lori Antz

Every dog owner knows how much this matters. Thanks for such a selfless act.” – Joe Perizzolo

All dogs and cats should be allowed to return home with their soldier. Here’s for Goose.” – Christine Jacobs

Donate to the fundraiser to help reunite Goose with his dad in Kentucky. You can also donate to Guardians of Rescue so they can continue their important work.

Featured Image: Credit: Robert Misseri/Guardians of Rescue