State Trooper Adopts The Injured Dog He Went Above And Beyond To Save

The Memphis sun shined bright on the Birthplace of Rock N’ Roll this month, with temperatures reaching well into the eighties. Extreme temperatures like this can be dangerous for pets, causing breathing difficulties, lethargy, disorientation, and even heat stroke.

And while many loving pet owners spend their pre-summer days researching ways to beat the summer heat, this time of year can be particularly brutal for homeless pets. Without access to clean water or a cool place to rest their heads, dangerous temperatures can quickly turn a miserably hot day into a critical, life-or-death situation.


Such was the case for a sweet female terrier that was found injured on the side of Highway 75 in Memphis. A Good Samaritan driving by saw the petrified pup stranded on the side of the road and immediately notified a nearby officer, who just so happened to be driving alongside her.

The police officer, Trooper Tudors, flashed his bright red and blue lights as he pulled onto the side of the highway and approached the dog. The pup was terrified of the officer but was too injured to move. It was later discovered that she had a broken pelvis and several internal injuries.


Trooped Tudors cleared out his own jug of Kool-Aid and filled it with cool, clean water that the sweet girl lapped up immediately. He also fed her a Little Debbie cake for nourishment. Then, the kind-hearted Trooper did something that no one could have predicted. He pulled out a foldable chair and an umbrella and sat down next to the pup covering her with shade.

When asked why he decided to do such a thing, the trooped explained that he would stay there until the dog decided to trust him enough to take her to a shelter or his own home. Once she had decided that the Trooper was trustworthy after all, she was placed into the officer’s car and transported to Community Animal Hospital in Memphis for treatment.


To the delight of all involved, it was announced that Trooper Tudors and his family had decided to adopt the dog once she was well enough to be released from the hospital. The family decided to name her Princess and have visited her every day at the clinic. There is no doubt that Princess will be treated with nothing but love and kindness by the Tudors family.

“Princess will join the Tudors family when she gets out of the vet hospital! YES! Trooper Tudors and his family have adopted her!” – Good Samaritan Kaye Fiorello


Featured Image: Facebook