Stolen Senior Dog Finally Reunites With Her Family After A Decade Apart

When it has been ten long years since you last saw your lost dog, you more than likely wouldn’t expect to ever see them again. But thanks to the magic of microchips, and the determination of a rescue group, Mimi, a small Cattle Dog mix, has been reunited with her mom. 

From being found in rough shape as a stray, to a thousand-mile journey home, Mimi has quite the story.

Mimi travels

Found As A Stray

At the end of Jun, Mimi was found as a stray, wandering down a gravel road all alone. Someone spotted a skinny, senior dog who was obviously lost, and knew they needed to step-in to save her life.

Mimi at vet

She was immediately taken to North Park Animal Hospital, where she received emergency medical care. The poor pup was covered in fleas and ticks, severely underweight, and extremely dehydrated.

They estimated that Mimi was wandering alone for at least six weeks, and decided to contact a local animal shelter for help. They reached out to Holdrege Animal Rescue, hoping they could help find Mimi’s family, and shared that they had found a microchip. But unfortunately, the contact information wasn’t kept up to date.

Finding Mimi’s Family

But that didn’t stop Holdrege Animal Rescue board member Jan Knuth from doing everything she could to help find Mimi’s family. Jan hopped on her computer and started searching the internet for a lead. 


She began her search by reaching out to Mimi’s microchip company and collecting as much information as they could possibly provide. Then, she used the info to scour social media, hoping she could find a Facebook profile. 

Mimi had been found in Nebraska, but was registered to a woman living in Georgia. Could she really be Mimi’s mom?

Oddly enough, a different dog had recently been adopted through their rescue by a man with the same last name as the woman Mimi was registered to from Georgia. So Jan used his Facebook page to find a woman with the same first name as Mimi’s microchip info and sent her a message.

Within minutes of the message, she responded and confirmed that she was indeed missing her dog. 

“The poor lady was so overwhelmed. She was sobbing once she got on the phone. We had to take a break and talk a few hours later. The dog had been gone for 10 years,” said Jan.

 So how had Mimi gotten lost? Well, back in 2012, Mimi, her owner, her husband, and their son all ventured to Florida together for a family vacation. But while Mimi’s mom and her human brother were out and about, the woman’s husband took Mimi and hit the road. The mother and son were stranded alone in Florida, and she hadn’t seen her beloved dog since.

Mimi Travels To Georgia 

Since Mimi was now 15 and wasn’t found in the best of health, they weren’t sure whether or not she would be well enough to travel so far. But after a few days of rest, it was obvious that this sweet girl was well enough to take the trip. 

Mimi with her brother

Jan’s current husband, Steve, drove Mimi all the way from Nebraska to Missouri, and there, she was reunited with her mom. 

Now, they are living together again in Georgia, and despite it being a decade, Mimi is thrilled to be back in the arms of her loving family. She even recognized her human brother after ten long years apart.  

What’s the moral of the story? Microchip your pets, and even if they get lost, keep your contact info up to date. You never know if your beloved best friend will one day need some help finding you again! 

Featured Image: Facebook