Strangers Step In To Save Dog Intentionally Dragged Behind Car

When some people spotted a Pit Bull mix being dragged behind a moving vehicle in Ohio, they knew they had to act fast. There was no doubt in their minds that the act was blatant animal abuse. If those good Samaritans hadn’t witnessed the horrific event and reported it, the dog would’ve died from severe injuries.

The dog is currently on the road to recovery, but she’s very friendly and optimistic, considering everything she’s been through. No dog should have to go through trauma like this, and it’s heartbreaking that animal abusers are rarely heavily punished.

Dog dragged behind car

Dog Dragged Down the Road

The car drove 35 mph for at least 100 yards while the dog known as Oreo was chained to the back and dragged behind. When the car stopped, the driver chained up the dog outside. But luckily, several people witnessed the abuse and called the Youngstown Police Department.

Animal Charity of Ohio took in Oreo and assessed her injuries. She had two broken toes on each foot, and all her paws were degloved. She also had a road rash on her abdomen, several broken nails, and abrasions on all her legs. So, the rescue is doing everything they can to help her recover.

Rescuer carrying Pit Bull

“Despite the horrific abuse Oreo just endured she is still wagging her tail and wants to be held. We will continue to monitor throughout the day, she is resting comfortably right now with pain medication and antibiotics on board,” Animal Charity of Ohio wrote on Facebook.

Rescue Helps Canine Heal

Oreo still has lots of healing ahead of her, but right now, she’s enjoying her time at the rescue. She’s soaking up all the attention while she receives medications and treatment. Her paws are still painful to walk on, which is understandable. So, the team members at the rescue have made accommodations to keep her comfortable.

Pit Bull recovering at rescue

“She is carried outside to potty and then back in to rest. We are closely monitoring her wounds and pain level, her medication is adjusted as needed to keep her as comfortable as possible,” the rescue wrote.

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Charges are pending, but many dog lovers hope the person responsible will be severely punished. No dog deserves to go through that, especially not a pup as sweet and loving as Oreo.

Beautiful rescue Pit Bull

The rescue hasn’t mentioned if/when Oreo will be available for adoption. However, there are still plenty of other adoptable dogs at the shelter that need homes too!

Featured Image: Facebook