The 10 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds

Obedience isn’t everything. These dogs might be lazy, some are playful, and some are independent, but the one trait they all share for sure? Stubbornness!

All these breeds are completely loveable and have other traits that could still make them your perfect companion… if you don’t mind a training challenge!

#1 – Beagle

Lovingly independent, the Beagle will find amusement anywhere if left to their own devices. There will be trouble with an indifferent owner who doesn’t appreciate what the Beagle has to offer.


#2 – English Bulldog

An incredibly intelligent breed, the English Bulldog can appear to be quite thick-skulled when being handled by a weak owner. They will turn a deaf ear if there is no respect in the household.


#3 – Dachshund

The Dachshund is a very big dog in a very little package. They know how to hold their own and some will take on a dog five times their size because they think they can.


#4 – Jack Russell Terrier

The mischievous Jack Russell has no problem initiating a battle of wills with an owner they consider wishy-washy. They are tough, smart, and energetic.


#5 – Rottweiler

An incredible family dog, the Rottweiler needs a firm training hand from an experienced handler. If given leadership of the pack, this strong breed would assume command and it really wouldn’t be pretty.


#6 – Dogo Argentino

Not for the weak-willed, the Dogo Argentino (or Argentinean Mastiff) is an independent breed that needs a firm training hand and lots of exercise to keep him from finding his own amusement.


#7 – Chinese Shar Pei

Most publications that list this ancient breed will note that they are independent. Although they can be a devoted family dog, an owner will have to earn the dogs loyalty.


#8 – Afghan Hound

Rumored to be one of the most ancient breeds, the Afghan Hound comes by their aloof nature honestly. They require an owner who appreciates their haughty sensibilities.


#9 – Scottish Terrier

Primarily a one-person dog, the Scottish Terrier has no interest in anyone outside of his inner circle. The one person he does bond to needs to maintain leadership over this independent breed.


#10 – Weimaraner

Incredibly intelligent, the Weimaraner needs an owner to match its quick wit and keep up a firm, fun training schedule. If not, the “Gray Ghost” will show just how independent they can be.