The American Kennel Club Officially Recognizes The Bracco Italiano

The American Kennel Club is officially recognizing their 200th registered dog breed. 

The Bracco Italiano, sometimes called the Italian Pointer or Italian Pointing Dog has officially joined the world’s largest purebred dog registry.

Now eligible to compete in the sporting group at AKC events, the Bracco Italiano makes an excellent addition to the family and thrives by a hunter’s side. 



Bracco Italianos are an ancient breed with a history that dates back two millennia. They can be traced all the way back to the fifth century in Europe. But they weren’t brought to the U.S. until the mid-1990s. 

“A breed that is newly recognized does not mean that the breed is newly created. Many breeds that gain full AKC recognition have existed for decades, and some are ancient,” said Gina DiNardo, the AKC’s executive secretary.


Bracco Italianos were developed to accompany and accommodate a hunter’s needs. 

The breed is one of two native gun dogs from Italy. Gun dogs, or bird dogs, are hunting dogs that were developed to help hunters find and retrieve game (commonly quail, doves, or ducks).

Personality And Temperament 

As a high-energy breed, Bracco Italianos are extremely active and playful. This means that they require daily exercise. They are certainly not going to be canine couch potatoes. Hours spent in your backyard playing fetch or taking lots of long walks around the block are more of what this breed has in mind.


Because of this, they are best suited for active families who have the time and ability to help them burn off all their excess energy. 

“The Bracco Italiano is a strong, active, and sturdy breed of dog that would make a great companion for active families,” said Gina.


Not only does this beautiful breed have tons of energy to spare, but they are incredibly intelligent, affectionate, and have a people-loving personality. Plus, their short coat makes them easy to groom, and their sweet, gentle nature makes them fitting for a family with children.

“They also thrive on human companionship and are loyal, affectionate, and playful. These dogs are known to be sensitive and gentle-natured and become close friends with children. Their short coats are easily maintained, requiring only a few minutes of brushing each week to keep the coat in good condition,” said Gina.

Now that the Bracco Italiano is officially recognized, they can compete for the coveted title of “best in show” at AKC dog shows. This includes the world-famous Westminster Kennel Club dog show that will take place next year.

This year was the first time a Bloodhound won best in show. Perhaps it will be a Bracco Italiano who takes the title next. 

Featured image: Facebook