The New Game That Is Pawsitively Perfect For Dog Lovers

The internet has been buzzing about the free, web-based, word guessing game “Wordle” since its launch near the start of the year. It’s quite likely you’ve seen Wordle’s signature yellow and green boxes being shared across your social media pages.

But now, a new spin on the simple yet studied game is perfect for dog lovers.

dog wordle

What’s Wordle?

The rules of “Wordle” are simple. You have six chances to guess each day’s secret five-letter word. Once you lock-in each guess, the game lets you know which letters are or aren’t in the mystery word you’re trying to guess. Letters that are in the word but aren’t yet in the correct position turn yellow, and letters that are where they’re supposed to be turn green. But whether you guess it right or even full-on fail, there’s only one secret word for you to guess per day. 



Due to its widespread popularity and the simplicity of the game, a number of clones or super similar imitators have also been launched. One of the fun variations include “Dogsdle.” Similar to the original, Dogsdle players attempt to guess a secret word. But what makes it perfect for dog lovers is that players aren’t challenged to guess just any word. They’re aiming to identify a specific dog breed. 

Differences In Gameplay

Gameplay in Dogsdle varies slightly from the original. To begin, players are provided a black silhouette of a dog. Discerning dog lovers may know the exact breed straightaway, from simply seeing the silhouette alone. But don’t worry, if you don’t know it right away, players are provided extra clues as they attempt to guess. 


As you type your guess into the answer box, predictive text helps you fill-in recognized dog breeds. If you guess incorrectly, characteristics of the mystery breed that match with the breeds you’ve already guessed light up in green. Characteristics regarding the breed’s size, shedding, grooming needs, coat, activity level, and age expectancy are listed to help you figure out the mystery breed.


Ready to take on the challenge?

Players are allowed eight attempts to guess and, like the original, guesses in green are exactly right. Again, succeed or fail, there is only one mystery breed puzzle to solve per day. 

Do you think you have what it takes to tackle the daily mystery breed challenge of Dogsdle? Are you confident that you could solve it in a single guess? Give it a try and brag a bit below. We’re all dog lovers here!

To play Dogsdle or check out other exciting variations of Wordle, you can visit 

Featured Photo: Facebook