The Protective Bubble For Dogs

The world is filled with dangers and threats to your dog’s health and safety: Outdoor allergens, sidewalk salt, bigger dogs, poisonous yard pesticides, indoor allergens, other people, speeding cars, strong winds, and countless others.

Naturally, as a dog parent, you sometimes wish nothing could even touch your precious pup but you. Now, the safe, cushy life you’ve always dreamed for your dog is possible with the Wubble: Protective Bubble for Dogs.

About The Wubble

You probably remember “Bubble Boy,” but you’ve never seen “Bubble Dog” until now! The transparent protective “bubble” layer of the Wubble allows your dog to see all the threats they’re safely passing by, and you to see exactly what they’re up to at all times.

The circular shape and durable build makes it so your dog can’t claw or chew their way out, no matter how desperately they try (they won’t realize right away you’re just trying to do what’s best for them!) It’s safe for indoor and outdoor use, and it’s even water-proof. The Wubble is also hypo-allergenic and easy to clean.

You can’t put a price tag on your dog’s safety, but Wubble did: the bubble costs $49.99. It’s also available in different sizes, with one for small dogs up to 20 pounds, one for medium dogs 20-60 pounds, and one for large dogs 60+ pounds.

The company developed the product after a terrifying experience when founder Marla Warren’s Sheep Dog ate a french fry that fell off a picnic table. Warren realized that the fry could be full of un-approved ingredients and could have killed her baby, so she had to do something to protect him from things like this.

“There isn’t enough data yet, but by keeping away all threats and literally anything at all, the Wubble could just extend your dog’s lifespan. I mean, what could be better for your dog than keeping them safe from odorous smells, strangers’ petting hands, below 60 degree temperatures, and un-approved french fries?” The Wubble founder said in a statement.

With the Wubble, your dog will never encounter anything dangerous, exciting, or fun ever again.

Protective Parents Love The Wubble

Customers who left product reviews raved about the Wubble. Here are just some of those glowing responses:

“My dog is like a child to me, and I wouldn’t want anything to ever happen to him. Seriously, nothing. It’s my job as his parent to protect him from reality.” – Lily S.

“I would never walk my dog around on a leash he could slip out of. I know the Wubble is safe and secure, since my dog has been clawing at it desperately for hours unable to break out.” – Nick H.

“It’s just nice to be in control of my dog’s entire experience of the world.” – Diana R.

“I’d like to see someone try and cruelly put human clothes on my dog through this thing.” – Brian M.

Learn more about the Wubble and get one for your own precious fur baby here.