The Walking Dead Star Adds A Third Rescue Pup To His Family

Bam Bam was adopted in 2017. Scroll down to see what he looks like now. 

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You may recognize actor, Jon Bernthal from his portrayal of “Shane” in the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, not to mention an ever-expanding resume of Hollywood films. Bernthal recently took on yet another new role – that of Dog Dad to a rescued Pit Bull pup by the name of Lil’ Bam Bam. He took to Instagram with photos of the cuddly pooch on his freedom ride. We’re sure you will agree: playing papa to Lil’ Bam Bam is Bernthal’s best performance to date!


Bernthal used Bam Bam’s public intro as an opportunity to encourage his Instagram fans to give Pits a chance, posting:

Lil Bam Bam Bernthal.”


The 40-year-old actor is a well-known dog lover, Pit Bull advocate, and son of Humane Society of the United States chairman of the board, Eric Bernthal. In 2013 he proved himself to be a chip off the old block when he appeared in a HSUS anti-cruelty campaign with his two older Pitties, Boss and Venice at his side.


Bernthal, Boss and Venice recently lent their famous faces to yet another important cause when they filmed a promotional video for Animal Farm Foundation‘s Majority Project. The trio were joined by Bernthal’s adorable son, Billy.

The Majority Project is a photo series featuring real Pit Bull families. It aspires to dispel the harmful myths and stereotypes that surround the breed, and portray them instead as the loving pets they truly are.

Looks like Lil’ Bam Bam scored himself the perfect Pibble home with the Bernthals!

Update: Bam Bam was adopted in 2017 – and he’s done a lot of growing since then! Here’s what he looks like now:



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