The World’s Cutest Squatter Made Himself At Home On This Family’s Back Porch

Unannounced early morning visitors are rare these days, so imagine Amy’s surprise when she woke up at her usual early hour and was greeted with the face of an unexpected furry guest.

Luckily for her and her family, the surprise squatter chilling on their back porch was incredibly friendly!

Walker Chilling
Screenshot, Youtube

It was early morning when Amy’s daughter came to tell her that someone, or more accurately, someone’s pup, was hanging out on their back porch.

When Amy ran to the window, she was shocked to see that the silly dog was lounging just like a person and had clearly made himself right at home. ‘Whose dog is this? And why is he on our porch?’ they wondered. 

Walker eating
Screenshot, Youtube

As the pair discussed the unexpected events, the lost pup looked towards the window, wiggled his butt, and wagged his tail. It was almost as if he was begging to stay.

Amy and her family racked their brains to figure out where this handsome hunk of a dog actually lived. But none of them recognized the silly squatter. They didn’t think he belonged to a neighbor. 

Screenshot, Youtube

His eyes and body language said, ‘I’m looking for someone to love me.’ But, they wanted to be sure he didn’t already have a home before they decided what to do next.

So Amy texted her neighbors, and they too had no idea whose dog had claimed their porch as his own. Interestingly, her neighbors also shared that this sweet pup had paid a visit to a few of their homes as well. 

Walker close up
Screenshot, Youtube

They tried everything they could think to find his former family. They posted on Facebook, reached out to all their neighbors, and even went to the vet to get him checked for a microchip. But without a chip or collar and zero responses to their posts,  it looked like this sweet boy may have never had an official owner. He was likely living as a stray. 

No chip
Screenshot, Youtube

But as much as Amy and her family wished he could stay at the home he “chose,” they already had two furry family members who didn’t match with the squatter pup. Amy’s social media community helped her come up with the name “Walker,” and she embarked on finding him the perfect forever home. 

Fortunately for Walker, the search didn’t take long, and someone fell head over heels in love with him. Walker’s new mom shared that she had been “praying for a dog like him” and claimed that this handsome hunk of a pup was the answer to her prayers.