Toddler Begins Drowning In Pool, Quick Thinking Dog Keeps Him Above Water Lever

With her 14-month-old son Stanley tagging along by her side, Patricia Drauch was working in her garden in Marcellus, Michigan. However, things took a horrible turn for Patricia when she went into the garage to get a tool.

Within seconds, as few as three or four, Stanley’s worst nightmare came true when he vanished from the yard.


Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit:Wood TV8 via YouTube Video


As she looked for him in every nook and cranny of her house, Patricia pleaded for her child’s safety. After a few minutes, Stanley wandered off toward the poolside, leaving his mother to fear for his life.

She let out a wail of anguish as she discovered her kid half-submerged in the water, with his eyes rolled back and his lips blue from suffocation.


Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Wood TV8 via YouTube Video


But when Patricia looked beneath Stanley’s “floating” form, she realized the lifesaving act of her brave Labrador, Bear. The loyal dog was carefully raising his sinking brother’s tiny body above water level and keeping him alive and breathing in the process!

He rigorously balanced the toddler on his back and didn’t move until Patricia picked him up!


Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Wood TV8 via YouTube Video


The anxious mom rushed Stanley to the hospital and got him the critical medical attention he needed. Thanks to Bear’s quick-thinking act, the kid’s lungs were not filled with too much water and he was able to pull through. Bear saved Stanley’s life with his quick thinking, and we can’t be more proud of this furry hero! 🐶


Click the video below to watch how Bear brilliantly saved Stanley from drowning in the pool.

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