“Touch-And-Go” Pibble At Death’s Door Sniffs Her 1st Ice Cream Cone

An emaciated, helpless Pit Bull was found alone in the woods. She was merely skin and bones. Her condition was so poor that her rescuers named her Halo in case she didn’t pull through. She was found curled up in the brush. It was as if she was waiting to die. The poor girl had some issues with her eyes and small wounds covering her body. The rescuers had to act swiftly. They put a leash around her and led her out of the woods and into their vehicle.

Screenshot via YouTube

Halo needed a loving foster that was willing to focus on the pup’s healing, both emotionally and physically. Luckily, the rescue group found a medical foster home with Stacey. While there were “a few touch-and-go moments,” as explained by the video’s narrator, the Pibble was definitely a fighter! She surely had the will to live! Once at the vet clinic, the doctor confirmed that Halo’s completely blind. She needed a special home with a family that accepted her challenges.

Screenshot via YouTube

Once Halo’s health improved, the rescue group transported Halo up north to find her a forever home. She came out of the transport van and gave every person she encountered lots of kisses. Even the van driver got some affection. What a little love bug! Halo went to a home with another foster group and waited for a family. She settled right in and could navigate around without bumping into anything.

Screenshot via YouTube

The pup’s new human friends loved to take her on adventures. Halo especially loved going to the drive-through at McDonald’s to get a special treat. At the time the video was filmed, she wasn’t adopted yet. But rumor has it, with all the awesome social media attention, Halo got her happily ever after. Wait until you see this beautiful girl’s transformation and full story in the video below.

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