Two New Breeds Are Making Their Westminster Dog Show Debut

It’s back, and it’s better than ever! I’m talking about The 146th annual Westminster Dog Show, of course! The iconic dog show had been postponed from its usual winter date due to the pandemic.

Not only will there be tons more dogs competing this year than last, but there are two brand new breeds that will be making their canine competition debut. 


The Westminster Kennel Club is America’s oldest non-profit organization dedicated to the sport of dogs. They aim to celebrate canine companionship and promote responsible dog ownership and breed preservation. Since 1948, they have facilitated the longest nationally televised live dog show.

This year, Golden Retrievers are the most represented breed in Westminster week, followed by Labrador Retrievers, Pugs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and French Bulldogs.

Dog Show Action

Where is the competition being held?

Like last year, the Super Bowl for dogs will be held at Lyndhurst Estate in Tarrytown, New York. Traditionally, the show has been held in Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, but utilizing a larger venue allows more dogs the ability to compete. 

Last year 2,500 pups were entered into the contest, whereas this year, 3,200 dogs are anticipated to attend. That’s the most that have competed since the 1970s! 

Russian Toy

Two new breeds 

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has debuted two new breeds that will compete for the first time this year: The Mudi and the Russian Toy.

The Mudi (plural, Mudik) is a medium-sized farm dog from Hungary that was originally bred to herd sheep and cattle. As you may have guessed, they will be joining the Herding Group. (Check out the black dog pictured below.)

Whereas The Russian Toy is a small companion dog that has a history among the Russian aristocracy. These tiny pups will be competing in the Toy Group. (Size up the brown pup pictured above.)


How can I watch the competition?

Over 200 breeds will compete in the televised contest, which begins this Saturday, June 18th, and concludes on Wednesday, June 22nd, when judges will determine which dog is “Best in Show.”

The hound and herding breeds compete on Monday, while toy, terrier, and non-sporting breeds compete Tuesday. The sporting and working breeds compete Wednesday.

You can watch the 2022 Best In Show and Group Judging on June 22nd on Fox Sports 1.

As far as the rest of Westminster Week, you can watch the free live streaming that’s available on, the WKC App, or the FOX Sports App.

Featured Image: Facebook