Two Pit-Bulls Casually Strolled Into Hospital, Take Themselves On A Tour

Given that they deal with emergencies on a regular basis, the St. Luke’s Anderson Campus hospital is no stranger to unusual challenges. However, this was a problem for which they were neither prepared nor trained.

Surveillance video released by the hospital shows two Pit-Bulls going about their business just like any other person would, walking into the hospital and strolling about.


Image/Story Source Credit: Facebook


We observe a man attempting to herd his dogs out of the hospital. When the nice dogs realize they haven’t finished their tour, they go to the pharmacy for a drink of water. The guy is perplexed as to where his four-legged followers have gone after they enter the pharmacy. Although the footsteps can be heard by the pharmacist standing behind the counter, he initially cannot see anyone.


Image/Story Source Credit: Facebook



The dogs were then reunited with their owner, Kathy. The entire time, the dogs were polite. The four-legged surprise visitors delighted the employees. You’re going to fall in love with the video below; it’s a must-see!


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