Two Terrified Dogs Are Rescued From 12-Meter-Deep Mine Shaft

Two lost pups got themselves into a desperate situation when they fell down a 12-meter mine shaft. The pair faced certain death if they didn’t get help quickly, so the rescue team in Coober Pedy immediately jumped into action!

A resident of Coober Pedy noticed a strange sound coming from his opal mine when arriving at work. After sitting next to the mineshaft and listening closely, he realized that it was the sound of two trapped dogs at the bottom of the pit.

The resident knew they were not there the previous day, so they must have fallen into the mineshaft at some point overnight. The two pups were understandably terrified and desperate to be saved, so the worker immediately reached out to the local fire and rescue department.

dogs rescued from mineshaft

It wasn’t long before the fire department, and the state emergency service arrived on the scene. They had no idea how the dogs would react to their help, so they had to be careful as they moved forward with their rescue plan. Armed with two rescue vests and dog-safe sedatives to be used if needed, the first rescuer made their way down the mineshaft.

Once the rescuer made his way to the terrified dogs, he was amazed at how calm they were in his presence. It’s as if they knew he was there to help them. He didn’t need to use any sedatives as he strapped the first dog into a safety harness. Once the first pup was secure, he carefully inched his way up the mineshaft with the rescued dog in tow.

As the first dog made his way out of the mine shaft and into daylight, his tail began to wag, and his eyes immediately brightened. He was so happy to be back on familiar ground and in the presence of his rescuers, and he was ready for his furry friend to be on the surface with him.

dogs rescued from mineshaft

The second rescue was just as easy as the first, and within moments the two pups were reunited outside of the mineshaft. The dogs then dove into a cool bowl of water that one of the rescuers offered, showing just how thirsty they were after their terrifying ordeal. Once they were hydrated and settled from the event, the rescuers looked over their bodies to search for any obvious injury.

“It didn’t take very long for tails to start wagging and mouths to be in water bowls.” – Rescuer, Daelman-Whitaker

The pups made it out of the mineshaft with mild dehydration and a few bumps and bruises. The State Emergency Service page says the two dogs were reunited with their grateful parents soon after their rescue.

These two pups were lucky to be in the hands of such an impressive rescue team. We hope they are recovering well at home!

Image Source: Facebook