Uber Eats Driver Accused Of Stealing Neighbor’s French Bulldog Puppy

A woman from Dania Beach, Florida, was horrified when her French Bulldog puppy disappeared. Her neighbor’s Ring doorbell footage showed an Uber Eats driver finding the puppy and taking him with her. The puppy’s owner was furious and assumed that the Uber driver had stolen the puppy.

The French Bulldog’s family refused to give up on him. They were persistent in trying to locate him and the woman who took him. Luckily, all that hard work and dedication paid off. The puppy is home safe and sound, but was the situation really a theft?

French Bulldog Puppy

Puppy’s Disappearing Act

The woman’s 3-month-old French Bulldog somehow escaped her Florida home. The curious puppy wandered toward a neighbor’s house, where their doorbell’s security camera spotted him. An Uber Eats driver can be seen approaching the door in the footage. The tiny French Bulldog isn’t far behind.

The Frenchie likely saw the woman and wanted attention from her. So, he followed her to the neighbor’s front door and sniffed the bag of food as they set it down. When the woman saw the puppy, she reached down to pick him up. Then, she looked at her phone as she carried him back to her car.

Woman picking up Frenchie

It’s unclear if the woman was stealing the dog or taking him to safety. Yet, it’s unusual that she didn’t wait to ask the residents of the house if he was their dog. So, after seeing that clip, the Frenchie’s owner was convinced that the woman had intentionally stolen the pup. After all, Frenchies are in high demand, so thefts of the breed are on the rise.

Back to Normal

The Frenchie’s owner talked to Uber shortly after the incident, and the company said they’d look into the matter. Two days later, BSO Dania Beach District detectives identified the driver and retrieved the puppy.

Delivery driver leaving with dog

Now, the tiny Frenchie is back in the safety of his home. It’s unclear why the driver took him, but the dog’s owner said she doesn’t want to press charges.

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With pet thefts on the rise, being cautious is crucial. Please don’t leave your dog unattended, and keep them on a leash when they’re not in an enclosed space. Having a microchip and identification tag on your dog can help bring a missing dog home faster. No one expects their dog to get lost or stolen until it happens, so take these precautions as soon as possible.

Watch the Security Footage Here:

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