Ukraine Dog Coaxed Out Of Apartment After Deadly Missile Strike

Sadly, tragedy continues months after Russia first invaded Ukraine. Many buildings have been demolished as people seek shelter. With so many deaths and injuries, lots of pets have been left behind in the rubble, fighting for their lives.

A recent missile strike in Mykolayiv destroyed an apartment building and left several people dead or injured. One of the survivors was a Labrador Retriever who was trapped on the fourth floor of the building. Rescuers shared heartbreaking footage of them saving him from the rubble he once called home.

Ukraine apartment destroyed

Sudden Missile Strike

On Wednesday, June 29th, 2022, a missile hit an apartment building in Mykolayiv, which is on the southern side of Ukraine. Three people died and five were injured following the missile, and at least one dog was left behind. Ukraine’s State Emergency Service (SES) became aware of a terrified Labrador Retriever on the fourth floor of the building. He had no way to get down, so rescuers came up with a plan to save him.

Two people hopped on a cradle crane and rode it up to the dog’s location. They made a hole in the apartment’s damaged balcony so the dog could fit through, but the pup refused to come out on his own. The rescuers pet him to gain his trust and coaxed him onto the platform.

Coaxing dog out of damaged apartment

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The dog was visibly shaken, but the two heroes eventually got him onto the crane. They held onto him as the crane slowly lowered back to the ground. Once on the ground, the dog seemed nervous but curious. The rescuers had to encourage him to leave the crane’s platform, and then the dog followed his new human friends.

Dog Survives, But Danger Continues

In the video of the rescue, the dog seemed more lively toward the end, but not all pets are as lucky. Many humans and animals have died in destroyed buildings, and every missile strike is devastating.

Rescuing dog from Ukraine apartment

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The apartment looks in decent shape from the angle of the dog’s rescue, but views from the top show that it’s barely staying together. The entire roof is torn apart, and it’s no longer safe to live in any of the units.

Hopefully, the dog made it to a safe location, but this isn’t over yet. As long as Russia keeps invading Ukraine, tragedies keep occurring. Heroes like the rescuers in the video deserve so much recognition for their hard work during these difficult times.

Watch the Emotional Rescue Video Here:

Featured Image: YouTube