UPS Driver Yells At Man For Leaving Dog In Car On Scorching Florida Day

***Warning: This post includes a video with foul language/profanity. ***

A video shot at a Florida UPS store has gone viral after capturing an altercation between a customer and a delivery driver. 

The UPS employee is an obvious animal lover who wasn’t shy about expressing his anger with the scene he witnessed on a scorching day. After seeing a man leave his canine in a hot car, he let him know exactly how he felt. 

Dog In Car

When interviewed, the videographer explained that as the UPS employee approached the scene, he expressed his anger and asked the cameraman to document what he witnessed. The video only caught the tail end of the conversation between the two men, but it was enough to set the scene. 

Before the recording, both the UPS driver and the videographer witnessed a dog being left in a car for close to 20 minutes on a 93-degree day while the owner was inside the store. The dog owner didn’t even leave a window cracked, nor was the air conditioning running. 

In the video, the owner is getting into his car as you hear the UPS employee yelling, “You don’t deserve that dog!!” 

Man Getting Into Car

Quite frankly, the UPS employee is justified in his outrage. The Florida heat is not something to take lightly, and leaving your canine in the car can have serious consequences. Cars can quickly heat up to 20 degrees higher than the outside temperature within a few minutes, and both witnesses claim the dog was in the car for quite a while.

It’s extremely dangerous to leave a dog in your car without the air conditioner running, which is exactly why Florida law protects the person rescuing a “vulnerable person or domestic animal” from civil liability if they smash a window to rescue them. When interviewed, the UPS employee shared that he was getting ready to do exactly that as the owner approached. 

Dog In Car Stats

In many states, it’s illegal to leave your dog in a car, and even cracking the windows doesn’t eliminate the danger. A dog’s ability to cool their body is limited to panting alone, and that isn’t always enough to bring down their temperature when trapped inside a hot car.

With 156,000 likes on the video, we’d say social media users agree that the confrontation was justified. Many TikTok users commented with their support of the UPS driver’s anger regarding the treatment of the dog and weren’t shy about sharing their solidarity.

We have included the video down below, but be warned, the confrontation includes lots of anger-fueled “F bombs.” 

***Warning: This post includes a video with foul language/profanity. ***

Featured Image: Pixabay