Veteran Acts Fast After His Support Dog Is Mysteriously Shot With An Arrow

Having a dog by your side is often one of the most comforting things during difficult times. Billy Morris, a disabled veteran from Alabama, knows that better than anyone. In addition to military trauma, he’s also going through a divorce. Yet, his support dog named Cotton is always there for him.

Cotton is a lovable Great Pyrenees that gets along with all the neighbors. So, Morris was shocked and heartbroken when his dog returned home with an arrow stuck in him. Morris has no idea who hurt his dog, but luckily, he knew how to act in the stressful situation.

Dog shot with arrow

Shot with an Arrow

One day, when Cotton returned from his regular stroll around the neighborhood, he collapsed at Morris’ feet. Morris examined the pup and noticed an arrow stuck in the dog’s side. Morris believes someone did this to the dog on purpose, even though Cotton is very friendly.

Cotton was hardly breathing, so Morris knew he had to act fast. He used his military training to help nurse his dog back to health. He carefully removed the arrow and tightly wrapped the dog’s wound. Then, they rushed to the vet, but Morris had no idea if the dog would make it.

“I was afraid I was going to lose my dog,” Morris said. “I actually had to start breathing mouth to muzzle on the way to the veterinary clinic. He was less than 20% breathing capacity. I was practically breathing for him.”

Dog recovering from surgery

Thanks to Morris’ actions, Cotton made it to the vet alive, but he was in rough shape. The vet said he suffered from a collapsed lung.

Military Training Saves Cotton

Without Morris’ help, Cotton likely wouldn’t have had a chance. But thanks to his quick thinking, his furry friend was able to get the surgery he needed. He made it through surgery, and now he’s on the road to recovery. His fur had to be shaved in the middle of his body, and he has several scars, but he’s doing well, considering everything.

Morris cannot believe someone could do that to a dog. Cotton is part of Morris’ family, and he can’t imagine life without him. The dog is always there to support him even when no one else is around.

Dog recovering from arrow shot

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“When my son’s not here, it’s just me and him,” Morris said. “He follows me around the farm here. I just enjoy his company. He’s part of the family.”

According to Morris, a similar situation happened to one of his neighbors’ dogs. So, he’s determined to find the person responsible, so no more dogs and families have to go through this. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is currently looking into the situation, but no arrests have been made yet.

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