Watch The Moment A Handsome Husky Dad Meets His Son For The First Time

You might recognize Gohan the Husky as he’s “the goodest boy on YouTube.” With more than 285 million followers, chances are you’ve stumbled across this handsome fellow’s videos on social media a time or two. And if you have, you know Gohan is a dog who enjoys traveling and eating with his dad.

Now, Gohan has an adorable and furry buddy to share the fun with—his biological son, Kai. Thanks to a video posted to Gohan’s wildly popular YouTube channel, we get a chance to share in the moment he met Kai for the first time. Hopefully, this cute dog video of a father and his son is the first of many to come!


A New Buddy for Gohan

The video of Dad Gohan and son Kai meeting has racked up almost 1.4 million views and 28k thumbs-up votes. Watching the cuteness, it’s no wonder!

The video opens with a curious Gohan wondering what his human is up to as he tells the expectant Husky, “Alright, buddy, when I get back, I’m going to have the biggest surprise ever. Little do you know what’s about to happen.”

Gohan The Husky/YouTube

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Gohan is excited already, though he has no idea what’s coming. But Gohan’s dad sure knows, and he’s excited as he reveals cute Kai in the car heading for his new home. It’s obvious Dad is already smitten with the pup, as he gives the little Husky a pat and says, “Oh my god, you look just like Gohan.”


Daddy Dog + Puppy Son = A Pair of Handsome Hounds

Then the moment of truth arrives as Dad walks in the front door and hands Gohan his son. The once excited Husky has grown subdued and feels he must investigate the newcomer. As Gohan tries to figure out what’s up with the little one, Kai snoops out his new home and the big pup who looks a lot like him.

Gohan The Husky/YouTube

Before long, Kai begins to play and roll around, giving the occasional puppy yip in the cutest display of getting comfy. Gohan can’t resist the cuteness and starts to play a little too, but as a big boy, he makes sure not to hop on his son. After their successful introduction, Kai bounds away to check out the rest of his new digs!

Gohan The Husky/YouTube

“You cannot be that cute, man,” Dad told Kai in the video.


But, oh, he really is! And as Gohan’s son, we already know Kai will mature into a dapper dog like his old man. Follow Gohan the Husky on YouTube to watch Kai grow and learn how to be a good boy like his dad!

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Feature Image: Gohan The Husky/YouTube