Woman And Australian Shepherd Perform Emotional Dance Routine

A Hungarian woman known as Christine Elisabeth Berczes recently entered America’s Got Talent with her Australian Shepherd named Meredith. Lots of incredible dogs have auditioned in the past to showcase their unique tricks, but Meredith’s skills are the most unbelievable.

Bercz and Meredith performed a dance themed after Beauty and the Beast, and Meredith really looked like she was dancing. Once the song started, she went through the routine on her own with no obvious cues from her handler. By the end of the performance, the audience was in tears.

Woman and dog talent show

Discovering Dog Dancing

Bercz had several dogs as a child, and she spent a lot of time training them. So, when she learned about dog dancing as an adult, it piqued her interest. She took an online course for it in 2016 and has been training her dog and teaching others ever since.

“Dog dancing” refers to a type of dog training that involves a handler and their dog learning and performing choreographed moves set to music. It’s a great way for dogs and their humans to form a closer bond, and it has become more popular in recent years.

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Woman hugging Australian Shepherd

“There are few dog sports in my county, and we are the only ones to teach dog dancing. Now more and more people are taking their dogs to the dance from all over the country. This activity can be practiced individually or in groups, and is a great way for both dog and owner to learn and relax,” said Bercz.

So, Bercz and Meredith signed up for America’s Got Talent to share their adorable act with the world. Sure enough, the response was just as positive as they’d hoped.

Woman and dog dance routine

The Judges Fall in Love

The human and canine duo took the stage with smiling faces. Bercz gave a hand signal to Meredith to start the routine, and the dog began dancing as soon as the song played. The pup’s dancing consisted of rolling over, walking at different paces, and standing on her hind legs. With the music, the two looked just like any other pair in a dancing competition.

Bercz started the performance with a blue and white dress similar to Belle’s from Beauty and the Beast. Then, during the routine, she transformed it into a second outfit, which looks like Belle’s gold dress at the end of the movie. Throughout the entire song, Meredith didn’t miss a single step.

Dog and woman dance on AGT

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When the performance ended, people in the audience teared up, and all the judges except Simon Cowell gave a standing ovation. All four judges had nothing but good things to say, and they passed Bercz and Meredith onto the next round without hesitation.

Both Bercz and Meredith seemed to have a great time during their routine, and everyone is excited to see what they do in the next round!

Watch the Jaw-Dropping Performance Here:

Featured Image: Instagram