Woman Catches Her Dog And Neighbor Playing Wholesome Game Of Fetch

Fetch is a great opportunity for dogs and humans to bond over an exciting game. But in many cases, the game gets old for humans much faster than it does for dogs. Brittney Reynolds’ dog named Bounder could play fetch nonstop for the rest of his life if he was able, but of course, Reynolds doesn’t have time to do that.

Yet, even without 24/7 fetch from his mom, Bounder found a way to get the extra playtime he’s been searching for. Whenever he was in the fenced-in yard without Reynolds, he secretly turned to the neighbor for some ball tosses.

Happy black lab

Secret Games of Fetch

Bounder is a 5-year-old black Lab who loves fetch more than anything. He has a large fenced-in yard that allows him to run around and chase the ball as much as his heart desires. But it’s difficult to play fetch when no one is throwing the ball.

“He’s obsessed,” Reynolds said. “He will play fetch until I make him stop.”

Neighbor plays fetch with dog

One day, Reynolds heard Bounder barking in the yard, so she came outside to see what was going on. She saw one of the neighbors sitting on their back patio, and Bounder was barking to get them to play. Reynolds was about to scold Bounder, but then she saw the neighbor pull out a tennis ball cannon.

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The neighbor launched the tennis ball into Bounder’s yard, and Bounder went crazy. Reynolds went over to thank the neighbor, but she found out that the neighbors had been playing with Bounder for a while now. It warmed Reynolds’ heart, so she took a video of one of their interactions.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship!

It didn’t take long for Reynolds to get to know her neighbors. They have a dog named Lyla, who quickly became best friends with Bounder. Reynolds started taking videos of Bounder and Lyla’s playdates and sharing them on TikTok. Bounder loves running around with Lyla so much that he even forgets about fetch (momentarily).

“I am a huge dog lover, and it always makes me happy to see others treating dogs so well,” Reynolds said. “Our dogs are our family, and I think you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals.”

Dog best friends

Now, Bounder often hangs out near the fence, waiting for Lyla and her humans to come play. Lyla was invited to Bounder’s birthday party, where he got a special dog-friendly cake. The neighbors even gave Bounder a gift, which Reynolds thought was incredibly sweet.

Reynolds is grateful for the new friendship she and Bounder have with the neighbors. It never would’ve happened if her lovable dog hadn’t been seeking out extra games of fetch. It’s funny how much one game can change someone’s life.

Featured Image: TikTok