Woman Desperately Searches After Sitter Disappears With Her Dog

Eva Hodgdin of Pennsylvania has a lot of regrets about the dog sitter she chose, but she can’t change the past. She thought she found a trustworthy person to watch her furry friend while she drove her kids to their grandparents’ house. Yet, when she returned to pick up her black German Shepherd named Nani, the sitter and the dog were nowhere to be found.

Hodgdin hopes she can find 1-year-old Nani before she has to tell her kids, but if she doesn’t, she knows it’ll be a lesson of trust for the whole family. Dog thefts are on the rise, so choosing the best dog sitter is more crucial than ever.

Stolen black German Shepherd

Too Trusting

The sitter reached out to Hodgdin after meeting her in a neighborhood Facebook group. The sitter said she had German Shepherds and that she was training to be a groomer. She seemed to have a lot of experience with dogs, so Hodgdin made the mistake of trusting her without getting enough information.

Hodgdin was supposed to drop Nani off at the sitter’s house, but she had a last-minute change of plans, so the sitter offered to pick Nani up instead. Thus, Hodgdin didn’t visit the address given until after she returned home.

When it was time to pick Nani up, Hodgdin drove to the sitter’s address, but she began to get a weird gut feeling. Sure enough, Nani and the sitter were nowhere to be found. The woman didn’t live at the address she’d given, and she used a fake name on Facebook.

“I should’ve checked more. I just never imagined anyone could ever do something like this,” Hodgdin said.

German Shepherd with cat

Bring Nani Home

Hodgdin is working with Trafford and Braddock police departments to locate the sitter and Nani. The dog sitter will face charges once she’s found. On Facebook, the sitter has used the names “Moll Dunning” and “Molly Bureau,” but police haven’t located her yet.

Hodgdin’s three kids aren’t home for a few more days, so she hopes she can find Nani before having to tell them the sad truth. It’s a story and a lesson she’d like to save for a different time, but it may end up coming sooner than she had hoped.

“If not, it will be a lesson, for now, in trusting people and making sure you’re checking and being safe,” Hodgdin said. “But I’m just really hoping she’s home first and this can be a story I tell them later down the line.”

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Nani is about 50 pounds, and her fur is completely black. She has one ear that sticks up and one that flops down, and she has a curly tail. If anyone near Trafford, Pennsylvania sees a dog fitting Nani’s description, they should call the police. Nani is microchipped.

Kids hugging German Shepherd

How to Prevent Dog Theft

With many dogs getting stolen, it’s a good idea for dog parents to be cautious. Some ways to prevent dog theft include not leaving your dog unattended outside and altering them.

But when it comes to sitters, the more research you do, the better. If you can leave your dog with someone you know, that will be your safest option. If not, ask friends and family for suggestions and check out dog sitter reviews before committing to one. You can never ask too many questions when deciding if you should trust someone with your dog or not.

Hopefully, Nani’s story will have a happy ending, but either way, it’s a crucial reminder for other pet parents. Be careful about who you trust with your dog because if you don’t, their health and safety could be at risk.

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