Woman Forced To Surrender Puppy Due To $10,000 Vet Bill

A woman was forced to surrender her puppy after she couldn’t pay his emergency vet bill. Yet, she assumed she’d have an opportunity to get him back if she quickly raised the money. When she reached out to the vet only hours after she surrendered the puppy, they said he wasn’t there. She has no idea if he’s even alive.

The vet explained that the woman signed a legal contract to surrender her dog, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get an explanation. She deserves to know where her dog is and if he’s okay. Hopefully, she’ll be able to reunite with him soon.

Puppy with expensive vet bills
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“Pay or Surrender Him”

Rachel Mullen had only had her German Shepherd puppy named Jaxx for two months, but she had already formed a close bond with him. So, when he started acting ill, she rushed him to the 24-hour Maine Veterinary Medical Center. Upon arrival, she learned that Jaxx had somehow gotten a wooden skewer in his belly and would need emergency surgery.

“The last thing I did was gave him a hug and a kiss and told him to go get better,” Mullen said.

However, Mullen soon found out that the surgery cost over $10,000. The vet requires half the payment up front and half when the surgery is complete. Mullen didn’t have that much money available, and she didn’t think she’d have enough time to raise it before the procedure. The staff members told her she either needed to pay it or surrender Jaxx.

German Shepherd puppy snuggling

The clinic informed her that Jaxx needed surgery urgently, so Mullen didn’t have much time to think. She surrendered the dog electronically to ensure he received care. She still ended up paying around $2,600.

No Sign of Jaxx

Mullen started a GoFundMe page to raise money for Jaxx’s medical bills to hopefully get him back. Lots of friends and family supported her, so she quickly earned enough. Yet, when she offered the money to the clinic, they wouldn’t take it. They said Jaxx wasn’t there anymore. It had only been a few hours since Mullen surrendered him.

“My kids cry and ask about him every day,” Mullen said.

German Shepherd playing outside

Sadly, Mullen has no idea where Jaxx is or if he’s even alive. When news sources reached out to the clinic’s corporate owner, they only said that surrendering a pet is a “legally binding contract” and that they work with shelters and rescues. They didn’t say anything about where Jaxx is.

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The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland said they don’t have Jaxx, and they believe the clinic’s behavior is unusual. The shelter always has a conversation with the dog’s owner in this situation, so they’re shocked that the vet never gave Mullen any information.

Mullen refuses to give up on her beloved puppy. She filed a police report and plans to bring her concerns to the state’s board of veterinary medicine.

Featured Image: screenshot, ky3.com