Woman Shares Emotional Reunion With Yorkie Lost Before Cross-Country Move

Time and distance can’t break the bond between a human and their dog. Kenyetta Tyler’s Yorkie named Coco went missing seven months ago, and she has moved across the country since then. Tyler feared she might never see Coco again. But the second someone found the Yorkie, Tyler traveled to pick her up as quickly as possible.

Tyler and Coco had the most heartwarming reunion ever because neither of them could contain their excitement. Their story is a great reminder to microchip your dog and never give up hope.

Dog runs to human
screenshot, kdvr.com

Staying Hopeful

Tyler lost Coco seven months ago. At the time, she lived in Denver, Colorado, but moved to Dallas, Texas, a few months later. When she moved, there was still no sign of Coco, which left her heartbroken.

But then, a woman found a small dog running loose in northern Denver. Denver Animal Protection took in the dog and scanned her for a microchip. Sure enough, it showed Tyler’s contact information.

When animal control notified Tyler that Coco had been found, she couldn’t believe it. She rushed to Denver as quickly as she could, unable to contain her excitement.

Yorkie with scruffy hair
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“I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a joke,” Tyler said.

Reunited at Last!

When Tyler arrived in Denver, a news reporter captured a video of the beautiful reunion. It starts with Tyler sitting in a chair, talking about how thrilled she is. Then, when they open the door to let Coco in, it becomes even more heartwarming.

Coco immediately runs to her mom, who squeals with joy. Tyler scoops up the Yorkie and cuddles her while the dog showers her with kisses. Tyler cries happy tears, as do many of the witnesses. Coco’s face looks very scruffy and not well-maintained, but she’ll get cleaned up soon. All that matters is that she’s home safe and sound.

Dog and human reunited
screenshot, kdvr.com

“Anybody out there who’s got a missing dog, they’re coming home,” Tyler said. “Just have faith.”

Denver Animal Protection used this story to remind dog parents to microchip their pets. Not only that but make sure the information on their microchip and tags are always up to date with your current information. That way, they’ll have a better chance of coming home if they get lost.

It’s amazing that Tyler and Coco got a happy ending. No one knows where Coco was for those seven months, but Tyler will be sure to give her extra love to make up for the lost time.

Watch the Emotional Reunion Here:

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Featured Image: screenshot, kdvr.com